What to expect

You’ll book your ticket online, turn up on the day and enter the building. After that, you’ll be surrounded by scores of friendly and beautiful women armed with sexy feet as well as other guys like you who have a deep love for such women. You’ll notice that the guys aren’t all creepily lurking in corners on their own but having drinks and casual conversations with each other and the models.

You’ll probably be feeling a bit nervous and that’s natural, but it won’t be long before one of the models introduces herself to you and starts a conversation. You’ll be put at ease by how relaxed and easy going she is and before long you’ll be worshiping the feet of her and maybe even 2 or 3 other models at the same time.

You’ll then notice that nobody paid any attention to you whatsoever as this happened and will realise that you’re finally in a haven for you to explore all your foot worship, tickling and trampling fantasies free from judgement. After that, you’ll probably become a massive fan and we won’t be able to keep you away from future parties.